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See some of the many reviews and photos of our satisfied customers who bought computer glasses with BetterVision Optical Lens with Anti Blue Light Technology & UV protection suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor use.
At first I was skeptical about whether they were quality glasses, but they exceeded my expectations. My head stopped hurting for only 2 days since I started to wear them. I do not feel the tension in the temple. Fast delivery.
Before, when I was without blue light glasses, my eyes were watery and I could not look in that light for a long time, now I look with glasses and my eyes do not hurt or water !! Thank you very much for being the best. I am very happy that I chose you !!! ❤️
I am extremely pleased with the glasses and the fast delivery. I wear them for a second day, spending at least 6 hours a day in front of a computer, and I often spend 12 hours. At first, I felt discomfort, but it was obviously temporary while my eyes adapted to the new glasses. I definitely plan to continue using the services of this optical shop!
The quality exceeds the price many times over!
The glasses are very good. They do a good job.
The glasses are great, the service too!
They are amazing, I like them very much
You exceeded my expectations! My eyes are no longer tense and itchy. Thanks!
Lightweight and very comfortable. The lenses are also at a very good level. I recommend!
Excellent value for money. I am satisfied
I am very happy, the glasses are gentle and just as I expected. Something that rarely happens when shopping online. Thank you
They are great! Lightweight and comfortable, with a tight frame, they fit perfectly! Fast production and delivery. Thank you!
Great design (matte frame is even better live), I do not feel tired and irritated eyes, I passed the constant headache, accompanied by Vertigo. I recommend you to all my friends and acquaintances who work with a computer! I will order a second pair soon 🙂
The glasses are comfortable, actually for a few days of use, you can feel the difference in fatigue from before, and the lack of it now! They arrive in a case and the service is fast - I received them a day later after confirmation! I RECOMMEND WITH TWO HANDS!
I am extremely pleased, stylish and extremely comfortable, I will definitely order a third pair!
Very convenient and effective. Even after the first few days, there is a difference in the load on the eyes.
Very polite and correct. And the glasses are great. I recommend! 🙂
Fast delivery, adequate feedback. The glasses are great. Thank you!
So far I feel good with them, I don't have a headache, which is important for me 😌
Good glass, case, etc. I recommend
I am pleased. And when sweating they do not slip. Don't fall.
The glasses are great - quality, size, very fast workmanship, and delivery! I am very pleased ☺️
The glasses are great. It is important to protect our eyes with quality glasses, so I bet on these. Well done! Thank you very much.

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