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Clip on Glasses

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Clip-on glasses are a perfect way to combine computer glasses and sunglasses with the same frame. The advantage is that the glasses have a single base and the sunglasses attach (hook) to this frame by means of a magnet. The fit is tight and no one will know you're wearing clip on glasses. We offer a wide variety of men's and women's clip-on glasses at an affordable price. The combination of two pairs of glasses covers what most of our customers need - to have computer glasses with blue light protection and to have polarized sunglasses!

What are clip on glasses?

Clip-on glasses are a type of eyewear accessory that can be attached to regular prescription glasses or sunglasses. They consist of a frame with lenses that can be clipped onto the existing glasses, providing additional functionality or protection. Clip-on glasses come in various styles and designs, such as polarized lenses for reducing glare, tinted lenses for sun protection, or blue light blocking lenses for reducing exposure to harmful blue light from electronic devices. They are convenient for those who already wear prescription glasses and want to add extra features without needing to purchase a separate pair of glasses. Clip-on glasses are typically lightweight and easy to attach and detach, making them a versatile option for different lighting conditions or specific visual needs. However, it's important to ensure that the clip-on glasses are compatible with your existing glasses and provide the desired level of vision correction or protection.

Can someone understand I am using clip on glasses?

In most cases, it is unlikely that someone would be able to tell that you are using clip-on glasses unless they closely observe or inspect your eyewear. Clip-on glasses are designed to attach to your existing glasses frames, providing an additional layer of lenses for specific purposes such as sun protection or blue light filtering. However, if the clip-on glasses are noticeably different in appearance or if they cause a significant change in the overall appearance of your glasses, someone may be able to notice the difference. It's also worth noting that some clip-on glasses may slightly alter the fit or feel of your glasses, which could potentially be noticed by someone who is familiar with your usual eyewear. Ultimately, the visibility of clip-on glasses will depend on factors such as the design, fit, and how observant the person is.
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