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Computer Glasses

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    Do you feel irritation or dry eyes after a long working day at the computer? Or do you feel tired and have a feeling of a foreign body in your eyes? Or do you feel a headache at the end of the working day? Many of these problems can be related to excessive work on different video displays - computers, TVs, laptops, tablets and even mobile phones. All of them, as well as artificial lighting in office premises, are a source of blue light that strains, fatigues and damages your eyes. Specially designed glasses for a PC without a diopter come to help with filters that block harmful radiation and reduce fatigue after a busy day at the computer with up to 90%.

Computer glasses with Anti Blue Light & UV Protection for Men and Women

In today's technological world, our lives depend on the use of computers, tablets, and smartphones. Computer glasses without a diopter with Blue Light Protection and UV protection are an invaluable protector of your vision. Even now, by visiting our site you read from a video display that emits blue light.
Do you know how often you blink while working in front of a computer or reading?

Each of us blinks with eyes from 12 to 15 times per minute, but when you are in front of the computer screen, this number drops dramatically to 3 to 4 times per minute. All this allows our eyes to fatigue more easily.

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