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We live in a digital world! We are completely surrounded by screens, spending an average of almost nine hours a day in front of digital devices - phones, tablets, laptops, computers, and all kinds of video displays. All these devices, as well as office - fluorescent and LED lighting, emit blue light ( Blue Light ) and because our eyes are not protected from this overexposure, this light can be harmful and dangerous. See some of our satisfied customers using BetterVision Computer Glasses with Anti Blue Light and UV protection technology.

BetterVision glasses - What do they protect us from?

Potential side effects when working with a video display or artificial lighting are:
Eye strain & Dry eyes
Neck pain and dizziness
Computer fatigue
Blurred and double vision

How do our lenses work?

BetterVision Anti Blue Light + UV Protection lenses are specially developed for the computer glasses we create. BetterVision lenses technology has a coating specially designed for people who spend a lot of time indoors and are exposed to blue-violet and LED light on digital devices such as smartphones, TVs, tablets, computers, and office fluorescent lighting.
Our high quality CR39 lenses block 40% of the Blue Light in the spectrum 430nm - 450nm and 100% of the Blue Light at 410nm . Guarantee for a healthy better vision!
Advantages of our glasses:

Glass with Blue Light protection
Glass with UV protection
CE / FDA / ISO9001 / TUV

Optical Lenses with first-class protections

BetterVision computer lenses have first-class protection against harmful and eye-straining Blue Light. For additional comfort, the glasses are designed with UV protection. This makes them suitable for wearing both in the office and indoors, as well as for outdoor use. You do not need to change your glasses when leaving the office - your vision is protected outside.

The light blue shade of the lenses gives a sense of style, but at the same time protects you 100% from the harmful radiation, whether from video displays or the sun.

Advantages of BetterVision lenses:

Glass with Blue Light protection
Glass with UV protection
CE / FDA / ISO9001 / TUV

BetterVision Anti Blue Light Lenses coatings


The high quality lenses of our eyeglasses are made of ultra-thin layers with the following characteristics:


From improved sleep to maximum focus, the benefits of the computer glasses made with BetterVision lenses are guaranteed and dramatically improve your quality of life.
Super vision, whether you are in the office or outside. The slightly bluish shade of the lenses gives an unsurpassed style.
100% Protection against harmful Blue Light at 410nm and 100% Protection against UV radiation.
Improves sleep. Blue light has the property to excite and makes falling asleep at night more difficult.
They improve the quality of life and provide an opportunity for better vision.

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The comfort, flexibility, and lightweight of the BetterVision Anti Blue Light eyeglasses make them the perfect way to protect your eyes from harmful Blue Light and UV rays.

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