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Photochromic Driving Glasses – Men Classic

model PMC3111

A classic model of men’s driving glasses, driving in fog and anti-glare with photochromic (photo solar) lenses changing their color depending on the brightness and strength of the sun – frame color Black, the color of the lenses – light gray to dark gray/black with UV 400 protection and polarization. They have fast-changing glass, which guarantees good vision in the brightest and brightest roads, as well as in poorly lit parts of the road.

The changing color of the driving glasses reduces glare, reduces the chance of glare, and improves overall vision while driving. Photochromic (photo solar) or so-called helio matic glasses are very popular among all drivers who want to reduce all irritating external factors such as sunlight or glare while driving.

Frame model: Classic
Color: Black
Glass color: Variable (photochromic)

Advantages of night driving goggles:

for Daily driving
against Blinding

Sizes of Photochromic (Photo Solar) driving glasses

Width of the glasses: 148 mm
Width of the glasses: 65 mm
Height of the glasses: 40 mm
Nose width: 20 mm
Length of the handles: 137 mm

Item type: Driving goggles, Daily driving goggles
Frame color: Black
Suitable for: Men
Style: Classic, Aviator
Glasses: UV 400 protection, Polarization, Anti-Glare, for driving in Fog
Glass color: Variable (photochromic)

Safety Features: UV 400 Protection, Polarization, Anti-Glare, Fog Driving, Eye Fatigue
Frame material: Alloy
Model number: PMC3111

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Photochromic Driving Glasses – Men Classic
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