Driving Glasses

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Driving Glasses – Yellow, Daytime and Night Driving Glasses

Driving Glasses Catalog for Better and Safer Driving Experience

Driving goggles are available in three main categories:

green tick icon sunglasses – designed specifically for driving during the day and under intense light

green tick icon night driving glasses – which prevent dazzle and fatigue in the eyes

green tick icon fog driving glasses – reducing fatigue and strain on long-term sightseeing in foggy weather

green tick icon photochromic glasses – glasses that automatically change lens color depending on the light source

Here you will also find these 4 types of driving glasses

Polarized driving glasses (sunglasses) reduce glare and facilitate visibility in bright light and sunshine. Specially polarized glasses increase the contrast for clearer vision.

Night-time goggles have special lens that leak much of the light needed for good vision in full darkness, but also have special dimmers reducing the light from headlamps and glare from the lights and stops of the cars.

Specially designed yellow goggles provide a good view of fog and reduce the fatigue of over-sighting during a difficult journey in bad weather.

Best Eyewear – Get to your destination safely!

Special lens for driving glasses make driving not only more relaxing but also greatly increase safety.

But what should consumers consider when buying glasses for driving?

Every time we drive, our eyes have to deal with hard work: seeing in low light, dazzling sunlight, fog or on wet or reflective roads – not to forget the many other road users, signs and information that must be observed carefully. However, the right lens for driving glasses can turn even long and frequent trips into enjoyable and, most importantly, safe travels.

What are the characteristics of the perfect driving glasses?

Poor vision is one of the greatest driving safety risks!

Glass lenses are much more than a fashion accessory: they help us see better, increase road safety, relax our eyes and protect us from harmful sun radiation. Studies have shown that many drivers have poor or insufficient vision. This is one of the main causes of road accidents and risk that any driver can easily reduce.

Other factors for better vision when driving

As a result, regular eye examinations by an ophthalmologist or optician and wearing customized aids for better vision while driving are essential for every driver. Experts recommend adults to be tested at least once every two years, even if they do not have obvious eye problems. Even if you do not have existing or known eye problems, eye examinations are recommended every 2-3 years for everyone over 40 and every 1-2 years for everyone over 65.