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The Italian manufacturer of colored contact lenses DESIO – Qualimed is an internationally recognized company with many years of experience in the medical industry. Qualimed offers a wide range of certified colored contact lenses through its own Desio® brand.

DESIO special colored eye lenses designed to blend with your natural eye color to create a more natural, attractive and sexy look. The effect of colored contact lenses may vary depending on the natural color of your iris, but the result is guaranteed to be good and everyone who has tried Qualimed colored contact lenses remains faithful to their choice in the future. In addition, DESIO eye lenses allow dark eyes to be brightened and bright eyes to be enhanced and accentuated in their natural color.

The rich portfolio and full catalog of colored contact lenses DESIO includes contact lenses without dipter (only for changing the color of the eyes) and for the correction of visual abnormalities such as Myopia, Farsightedness and/or Astigmatism .

In fact, all shades are available in a wide range of diopters from -13.00 to + 6.00. In addition, DESIO is also proud to be one of the few global brands offering toric color contact lenses for astigmatism.

Qualimed’s DESIO colored contact lenses embody Italian design, bringing together unique patterns in palettes of incredible hues. As a result, the desio collections carry remarkably beautiful shades of blue, green, gray and brown with varying intensities. Desio colored contact lenses have become a must-have fashion accessory.

Quality label

Quality is everything for Italian colored contact lens manufacturer DESIO – Qualimed. The manufacturer is very attentive to the design and to the safety and quality of the materials used in its products.

Every country where Qualimed products are sold has passed the Desio color certification procedure. In fact, they carry the CE mark and are FDA approved. They also meet ISO standards and international medical quality standards.

Reliability and quality are the main guidelines that Qualimed believes in. As a result, colored eye lens manufacturer DESIO continuously strives to improve our already high quality standards to ensure leading eye solutions and products that improve your vision and lifestyle.

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