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Clip On 2 in 1 Blue Blocking Glasses + Sunglasses – Kody

Color: Black

model: KD54321

A luxurious series of Clip On glasses combining the convenience of two pairs of glasses in one, without affecting the vision and quality. On the contrary, the high-quality Blue Light Blocking computer glasses are made with CR39 lenses that have blue light protection, UV400 protection and protection against computer radiation to the eyes and up to 90% less fatigue when working with video displays. They were created for people working for hours in front of video displays or in an office or a place where there is artificial lighting. Artificial lighting is a major source of eye-straining blue light.

This 2 in 1 Clip On model comes with a pair of sunglasses with Polarized UV400 protection and it is attached extremely easily with a magnet to the main Blue Light Blocking glasses frames. So you get computer glasses and sunglasses in one pair, and the placement and fit of both models is at an extremely high level. No one will know you have CLIP ON glasses unless you tell them yourself. Take a look at the photos and the video and you will see for yourself the high quality.

The model is available in 1 color: Black. The frames are pressed from high quality materials, metal and TR90 and combine comfort, stylish look and perfect fit for all types of faces. With the BetterVision lens, you get safe protection for your eyes during long daily work with computers, laptops, tablets or phones emitting harmful and eye-tiring radiation. The benefits are improved performance, less fatigue, reduced eye redness and, last but not least, easier falling asleep and a good night's sleep.

The model is available in 2 varieties:

Eyeglass Frames – Kody (transport/demo lenses are removed and diopter lenses are fitted at optical shop near you) This is a perfect option to have a distance diopter and clip on the sunglass attachment over them. The perfect option for everyone who needs prescription glasses + sunglasses.

Computer glasses – Kody (with lenses without diopter protection against blue light (Blue Block) UV400)


Glasses width: 141 mm
Glass width: 64 mm
Glass height: 41 mm
Nose width: 18 mm
Length of handles: 138 mm
Weight: 22.5 g.

Secure protection for your eyes from the Blue Light (Blue Light Filter)

The Blue light has a very short wavelength and thus produces more energy. Studies have shown that exposure to the blue end of the light spectrum can cause serious long-term damage to your eyes over time. Wavelengths are measured in nanometers (nm) and the blue light has a wavelength between approximately 380nm and 500nm; making it one of the shortest and highest energy waves.

There are many artificial, internal sources of blue light, including fluorescent and LED lighting, flat screen TVs, computers, laptops, mobile phones and more. Virtually every video display is a source of Blue Light as it is part of the visual spectrum. The most noticeable is the blue light emanating from screen images of computers, electronic notebooks, smartphones, and other digital devices. They emit significant amounts of blue light, and it is important to protect your eyes, especially if your work and your daily life is related to long-term viewing and staring at such sources of harmful and eye-straining light.

In ophthalmology, High-Energy Visible Light (HEV Light) is high-frequency, high-energy light in the violet / blue band 400 to 450 nm in the visible spectrum. HEV light is the cause of a number of symptoms associated with fatigue, inability to sleep easily in the evening, headaches, eye strain, itchy eyes and possibly much more serious long-term problems with retinal damage and age-related macular degeneration or cataracts.


Blue Light Sources


Blue Light Sources


Benefits of the Blue Light & UV Protection Glasses

green tick icon Blue Light & UV Light Protection
green tick icon Decrease the potential risk of eye damages
green tick icon Less Computer Vision Syndrome negatives
green tick icon The useful Blue Light is transmitted so you can see blue color
green tick icon Reduce glare and dazzle from the brighter video display
green tick icon Suitable for wearing out and during driving
green tick icon Reduced aberrations during night driving

Do you know how often you blink while working in front of a computer or reading?

Each of us blinks with eyes from 12 to 15 times per minute, but when you are in front of the computer screen, this number drops dramatically to 3 to 4 times per minute. All this allows our eyes to fatigue more easily.


If you blink 5 times less this might have a serious impact on your eyes. When blinking, your eyes are getting lubricated by the tears and your eyes are being moistured. When focusing on a video display, your eyes are being moisture 5 times less and thus your eyes get more tired, you feel dryness and headaches become part of your everyday life. Protecting your eyes with specialized computer glasses can significantly decrease the symptoms of CVS (Computer Vision Syndrom)

Computer Vision Syndrome Glasses


Blue Light & UV protection Lens Technology

Blue Light & UV protection Lens Testing & Control

UV400 Protection Lens Test

Clip On 2 in 1 Blue Blocking Glasses + Sunglasses – Kody
UV400 Protection Lens Test

Lens with UV400 Protection

Clip On 2 in 1 Blue Blocking Glasses + Sunglasses – Kody
Lens with UV400 Protection

Blue Light Protection Lens Test

Clip On 2 in 1 Blue Blocking Glasses + Sunglasses – Kody
Blue Light Protection Lens Test

Blue Light Protection Lens

Clip On 2 in 1 Blue Blocking Glasses + Sunglasses – Kody
Blue Light Protection Lens


How your Computer Glasses are made?


Clip On 2 in 1 Blue Blocking Glasses + Sunglasses – Kody

Preparation for cutting the Lens

Proper centering and placement of markers at the center of the lens ensure correct cut and perfect end result.

Clip On 2 in 1 Blue Blocking Glasses + Sunglasses – Kody

Measuring the frames of the glasses

Accurate measurement and contouring of glasses allows correct fitting of your computer glasses lens.

Buy Clip On 2 in 1 Blue Blocking Glasses + Sunglasses – Kody at special price

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Combine your new Computer Glasses with Sunglasses!

  • On Sale
    Driving Sunglasses - Day & Night

    Driving Sunglasses – Day & Night

    green tick icon Classic Aviator model
    green tick icon Day & Night Lenses
    green tick icon Polarization + UV400 Protection
    green tick icon up to 90% less Eye Strain
    green tick icon Anti-glare protection
    green tick icon 99% Happy Customers! See Reviews
    green tick icon CE/FDA/ISO9001/TUV Certifies Lens

    Suitable for:

    green tick icon Day & Night driving
    green tick icon Driving in Fog
    green tick icon Prolonged use
    green tick icon Against Blinding
    green tick icon Against Eye Fatigue

    Limited time Discounted price:
    €59.99 €47.99

    green tick icon with hard case and cloth
    green tick icon 15 days return policy

    Free Shipping + Tracking (3-8 days)
    DHL Fast Shipping (1-3 days) + €19
    green tick icon FREE DHL SHIPPING ABOVE €100

    Price: 47.99€



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All sunglasses with UV Protection & Polarized Lens


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Clip On 2 in 1 Blue Blocking Glasses + Sunglasses – Kody
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